CDS 2020

CDS 2020

CDS is the combined defence services examination which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission UPSC under the constitution of India in which the students eligible for Indian... Read more »
NDA 2020

NDA 2020

UPSC that is Union Public Service Commission conducts the NDA examination to recruit candidates in the army Navy and Airforce. This examination is conducted at a national level land... Read more »
Medical standards for NDA

Medical Requirements for NDA

The medical standards for NDA qualification is quite high. The NDA conducts a very high quality medical test for the SSB qualified cadets. Very less percentage of students get... Read more »
tips to crack nda

Tips to Crack NDA SSB Interview

SSB is a test of your personality or let’s say how you portray yourself in those 5 days of the examination period. It tests your inner self that is... Read more »
NDA 2019 exam pattern

NDA 2019 Exam Pattern

NDA stands for National Defence Academy. It is one of the first militaries where the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force cadets are trained together. The National Defence Academy... Read more »
NDA Books

NDA Books & Study Material

Joining the defense forces as younger officers are everyone’s dream. It deserves a lot to become a Defence people and work for the nation with pride. NDA STUDY MATERIAL... Read more »
How to Prepare NDA Exam

How to Prepare for NDA

The NDA is the combined amenities academy of the Indian Armed Forces. In this section cadets of Army, the Navy, the Air Force get trained altogether before they go... Read more »
NDA 2019

NDA 2019

NDA is an abbreviation for National Defence Academy. This military institute is the foremost academy for the youth to join the Indian Defence Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force... Read more »
CDS 2019 exam dates

CDS 2019

CDS is popularly organized by UPSC two times in a year to choose officers for INDIAN ARMY, INDIAN NAVY, INDIAN AIR FORCE jobs. When the applicants get selected they... Read more »
UPSC 2019

Civil Services Exam 2019

The Civil Service Exam (CSE) is a countrywide competitive exam in India conducted in all states and also conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to apprentice candidates... Read more »