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Hotel Management

Why do we choose Hotel Management Course

When seeing a career, the eternal advice of choosing something that interests you could never be more applicable than when considering a probable career in the hospitality industry. If you choose this industry one should always keep in mind that Lots of people wants to join this career because it seems to look very glamorous, but one must remember it requires a lot of patience and hard work.

Persons who make the decision to follow a career in hospitality often do so for a variety of reasons. Mutual denominators among those who are fruitful in this hospitality industry are the ability to be empathetic and passionate about what they are doing. There are numerous significant advantages to choosing a career in hospitality. For those who can’t imagine themselves sealed into a customary 9 to 5 job with only weekends off, hospitality is the best choice that should be seriously measured. Choosing hospitality service is emotionally sufficient, and can be monetarily satisfying as well. Other foremost advantages of selecting a future in hotel management career can be found in these following points.

Constant Employment: It is crucial to remember that humans will always have a necessary need for food, beverage, and shelter. Because of this reason, we will be always needed for hospitality workers. The skills to transport facility to those in need is where skill and training come together to change people with requirements into fulfilled guests. Chasing a career in the hospitality industry is one of the best ways to guarantee you can find service no matter what other conditions come into your way.

Thrilling Work Environment: A career in hospitality. With that comes the enthusiasm of working in an environment that sees constant actions.

Worldwide Employment Opportunities: With outstanding hospitality employment skills, you may find yourself being offered unbelievable opportunities to work at some of the most famous and desirable destinations in the world. Service is a worldwide concept that is in demand all over the world. Although languages and traditions may change with geography, they need to bring world-class hospitality can open doors around the globe. Also, with many large owners having properties in many countries, the idea of transfer does not essentially mean having to change companies.

Creative Outlet: To explore one’s creative side this ( hospitality career)  is the best career option like a concierge wedding planner allows tremendous opportunities. In case it is crafting an impressive wedding event to make an unforgettable day for the bride and groom or you have to work on a difficult restaurant arrangement for a 50th wedding anniversary, although, a career in this hospitality always makes use of creative equipment to solve the problems and for planning the event and wedding. Rare things are as adequate as making that one time in a lifetime event a vast success for those who commended you to appropriately arrange it for them.

No Routine Day: A career in hospitality permits a level of elasticity not currently found in any other field. Event planners can work on a wedding one day, and then on to a commercial meeting the next day. The day might include planning breakfast, and then a golfing outing followed by an evening poolside reception. The element of variety is a key reason many flourish in this environment of constant change, and the ability to think out of the box can come in very handy in this field.

On many levels, the career like hospitality can be an enormously pleasing career decision. With job choices including hotel operations, catering wedding and event planning, caretaker and many others, there is a mass of jobs from which to choose. Individuals and students should picture themselves to as many options as possible to see what sparks the most interest for them. When a person enjoys what they do, they have a better opportunity to become zealous and successful in that career field.

Eligibility Criteria:

Lowest qualification required to pursue this course in hotel management is 10+2. For admission in certificate, diploma and bachelors courses 10+2 is enough. Time duration of certificate courses is six months to one year. Bachelor and diploma courses time duration are of one and half to three years. Those with graduation can go for post graduate diploma courses the duration of which is only for one year.

Here we are with some of the top colleges with awesome courses of Hotel management.

  • Lovely Professional University
  • Christ University
  • Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University
  • NSHM School Of Hotel Management
  • Institute of Hotel Management
  • Indian Institute of Hotel Management
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering technology

Courses which you can pursue:

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • BBA in Hotel Management( full time course of 3 years)
  • BSc. In Hotel Management

Diploma Courses: Diploma in Hotel Management

Master Courses:

  • MSc. In Hotel and Catering Management( span of 2 years)
  • Master in Hospitality management
  • MBA in Hotel Management and Tourism (span of 2 years)

Top Hotel Management Entrance Exams:

National Level:

  • NCHM JEE: this exam is conducted for the undergraduates only. Known as National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology which proffer admission on the basis of their ranks and according to 51 institute preferences. It is conducted jointly with Indira Gandhi National Open University. Courses Offered: BSc. In Hotel Management and Catering Technology and time duration for this course is 3 years.
  • IIHM E-chat: this entrance exam is only conducted for undergraduates only. In this qualifying candidate get admission on the basis of their roles in every exam i.e entrance exam, group discussion, and personal interview for any of the IIHM Campus in 7 different states. Courses Offered: BSc. In Catering and Hotel Management and time duration will be 3 years.
  1. IIHM Delhi
  2. IIHM Kolkata
  3. IIHM Bangalore
  4. IIHM Pune
  5. IIHM Jaipur
  6. IIHM Hyderabad
  7. IIHM Ahemdabad
  • AIMA UGAT: this is organize for under graduate candidates only.

State Level:

  • UPSEE BHMCT : Only for undergraduates hotel management course at 13 participating institutes located in Uttar Pradesh state and Lucknow conducts this exam. Courses Offered Bachelor of Hotel Management and duration of this course is 3 years.
  • UKSEE BHMCT: Only for the undergraduates candidates.
  • MAH CET HM: Only for undergraduate candidates to offer admission to the qualifying candidates 4 years full time course of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • WBJEE HM: This exam is conducted for undergraduate students.

University Level:

  • IPU CET BHMCT: Organize by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasth University once in a year for its affiliated colleges and universities. Courses Offered in this is Bachelor of Hotel Management and duration of this course is of 3 years
  • PUTHAT: It is conducted by Panjab University to proffer admission in BSc. In Hospitality and Hotel Administration and BSC. In Tourism Management and time duration for both of the course is of 3 years.

Hotel Run Exams:

  • Oberoi STEP: This entrance exam is conducted for both undergraduates and postgraduates. This exam offer admission for two programmes The Hotel Operation Programme and The Kitchen Operations Programme and on successful completion of this exam IGNOU will award Bachelor of Tourism Guide (BTS). Time duration for both of the courses will be 3 years.
  • IHM Aurangabad: Only for undergraduates offers admission for BA (Hons.) Hotel Management, BA (Hons.) Culinary Arts, BA (Hons.) Hotel Management and time duration of all the courses are 4 years.

Future and Scope of Hotel Management:

This course is having endless options in Hotel Management in India, you can get a job in Cruise Lines, Hotels, Airlines crew, etc. Also, you can start your own venture like Pizza’s Hut, Domino’s etc.

Scopes of this career are:

  • The hotel manager who is answerable for the well-organized and gainful operation of their formations. They always control all their financial aspects.
  • The assistant manager who supervises the day-to-day operations of their departments and the  Resident managers (in 5-star types hotels) resolve problems or tragedies round the clock under the control and regulation of the top management.
  • The front office manager who observe the work of the receptionists, data clerk, reservation clerk, and other major services.
  • Catering department is for food servicing department or known as the culinary department.
  • Executive Chefs are those under whose observation and guidance the parties turn out to an exquisite preparation and meals. He or she is the head of each specialized kitchen.
  • The Assistant Manager supervises the services of the dining room and other arenas of operations.
  • Stewards are the head of the restaurant’s arrangements and supervise that everything is in order for the food service department.
  • Food and Beverage Manager who works, plans, organize and controls the works of the catering department. They deal with all kinds of dining establishments from informal diners to big 5-star type’s restaurants. From small informal diners to large restaurants.
  • Restaurant and Food Service Manager they are responsible for the stocks of each and everything of the dining room.
  • Marketing Department: works under the sales and marketing divisions to identify the needs of customers.
  • Engineering Department in this department they install and maintain all the equipment.
  • Forecasting Department in this department prime role of the person is to enhance the profitability of the business.

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