How to Prepare for NDA

How to Prepare NDA Exam

The NDA is the combined amenities academy of the Indian Armed Forces. In this section cadets of Army, the Navy, the Air Force get trained altogether before they go on board on a pre-commissioning training in particular academies.

The first tri-service academy of the world, the NDA is located in Pune, Maharashtra and which is classified among one of the best academies in the world. The most basic requirement for NDA is to know what to study as the syllabus given is pretty extensive and always try to avoid unnecessary burden by studying from many different sources.

Information about the examination:

  • The examination will be lead over pen and paper mode.
  • The exam will be consist of two sections that are mathematics and general ability test.
  • Time Duration for each respective section will be given two and a half hours.
  • The question will be given both the languages English and Hindi.
  • There will a negative marking which 1/3rd of the allotted marks to the questions.

How to prepare for NDA Exam:

  1. For the mathematics part just read the 11th and 12th standard contents. Just go through all the chapters once but don’t waste time on some detailed chapters. For example, if there is a situation that you found calculus hard then leave it for now. Then complete all the remaining chapters and then in the last 1 month or 15 days study the chapters you have left then.
  2. Then here comes the important chapters of maths. It means chapters like probability, conic section, geometry, functions, and calculus which have the most weightage in the question paper. So in these important chapters, one should have a good command over them but don’t forget to practice the rest of the chapters as it can give you unexpected marks.
  3. Then major comes the English part. Just study the basic grammar for English. Have a command on antonyms and synonyms and vocabulary too. The respite of the things can be done by just communal sense.
  4. For the Social Science part and the Science part of GAT just go through NCERT books from class 8th to 12th (science) and class 8th to 10th (social science). There is no such need to go deep for every single topic. Just read the overall concept that’s all.
  5. Most important that you’ve to read newspapers daily for the current affairs part. Generally, the current affairs come from the events that have occurred in the last 8 to 9 months.
  6. Have a planned study timetable and divide time for each subject proportionally (I wouldn’t say equally) because sometimes problem arrives that we aren’t able to complete the syllabus in the given timetable time.
  7. Don’t study Social Science right from today because you will surely forget many things when the time of revision comes and you will feel under-confident. Start reading those in the last 1 month it’ll be very helpful.
  8. Your basics should be clear. Initially do the investigation of your complete syllabus and mark the topics that need more attention.
  9. Then there comes fluency in your English. English is not only tested in the written exam it is also tested at the time of the interview.
  10. As much as you can solve the previous year question papers. It will enhance your speed as well as you’ll get the idea about the NDA exam pattern and the difficulty level of examination.
  11. Beware of negative marking: Each wrong answer attempted by you will deduct 0.25 marks from your grand total. So, leave the question that you’re not sure about.

Lastly, Practice makes a man perfect. The more you’ll practice, the better will be your speed and management skills too. All the best!


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