How to Prepare for SBI PO Mains

How to Prepare SBI PO Mains

As it is already known to us that the State Bank of India P. O exam notification have been released. So, some of you might think that it is necessary to start the preparation for main examination and preliminary examination according to their needs and the demand of the syllabus. Getting a good rank depends upon how we do upon the Mains examination and the interview, for the first time we need to get good marks in the Mains examination and for getting good marks in Mains examination we need to prepare well.

Be thorough with the syllabus

It is important to know the important topics of the syllabus of the SBI clerk exam and once you have the idea of the syllabus you can plan your own strategy you must also remember that certain topics are very important and some topics can be decide what to live and what to study to manage the time.

Mains examination

Section Name Total Questions Maximum Marks
General awareness/ economy/ banking awareness 40 60
Data analysis and interpretation 35 60
Reasoning ability and computer reasoning 45 60
General English 35 40
Total 155 200

Best preparation strategy books and sources

Reference books are very important for any examination and as is for this exam. They give us the correct information about the examination pattern and the type of questions being asked. Let’s have a look at some of the reference books for SBI PO examination.

Name of Book Author
Willey’s State Bank of India P. O D. T. Editorial
Banking awareness for SBI and IBPS bank clerk/PO/RRB/ RBI exam Disha
Competitive guide for SBI PO examination Kalingar publication
SBI Bank Po solved paper G. K. Publication
101 speed test for IBPS and SBI P. O examination Disha
Business standard general awareness for IBPS and bank p.o Business standard
SBI/ IBPS PO solved papers Disha
30 practice sets for SBI PO Arihant

Practicing these books will provide at most confidence to the students were the aspirants Who currently pursue State Bank P. O Examination as their goal.

Tips for SBI P. O 2019 Main preparation

  • Regularize yourself

one thing that is needed for the preparation of an examination and qualifying it is regularity. If a student is regular to a studies no matter how intelligent he is or how average he is or how mediocre he is, the only thing that matters is how regularly you put in the efforts and study the concepts with devotion and hard work.

  • Make a proper schedule

A proper schedule should be made depending upon the number of days left in the number of Arts you can put in towards your studies. Do not make of 15 hour time table of 20 hour time table because you will not be able to follow it. So it is better to make a 10 year time table 18 hour time table that you follow seriously. Make time table topic wise, day wise, week wise, month wise whatever suits you. And follow it seriously and thoroughly.

  • Read to understand

Many people read out the things to rote out they do not understand what are the concepts. So my request to you is do not rote the things and try and understand the concepts reading the theory part in the book and solve the numericals given in the exercise.

  • Practice sums regularly

As we know that practice makes a man perfect and practice is the key to success 10 practicing is very important in one’s life. So to get success in this examination every aspirant must practice and practise and practice forgetting everything around.

  • Time management

We all know that time is very important, time and tide wait for none. We just have to manage time and not waste time in a single question during the examination and leave the questions which we can solve and are confident about. In Examination we must know what is important and what not. So we must practice daily within the stipulated time period that we are going to get in the examination and maintain discipline for that time period that will help the students to focus more on examination.

  • The art of leaving

We all know that the banking examinations such as the State Bank of India clerk examination 2019 provides very less time to solve the questions and we have to solve maximum amount of questions to get qualified and get a good rank so we must know to leave the questions we do not know hence the art of leaving.

Hence this art of solving the questions which we know makes us confident during the examination to solve maximum amount of questions within the given time frame.

  • Formula to succeed

The formula to succeed is the formula itself that is how longer you can sustain the formula and use it to your effectiveness in the examination. It is very important that a student must remember all the formula before giving the examination and apply it in the examination.

  • Practice previous year test papers

Practicing the sums in the prescribed books is as important as solving previous year question papers that help us know the level of questions being asked and the amount of time we require to solve them. This practice of solving previous year test papers give us the correct position of ourselves where we stand, and we can judge the result before even giving the test by such practice.

  • Giving mock test

Mock test help us get the knowledge of practice that we are currently doing and the amount of hard work we need to put in. Whether there is a need to change the time table or it’s perfect all these things are decided by giving mock test. Mock test help our preparation lead in a forward direction in a positive manner.

  • Being positive

To maintain the positivity is a major challenge for the aspirants. The aspirants get influenced by their family and friends in a negative direction and  can even be depressed by comparing themselves to their friends or any other family member who is preparing for the same examination. So it is important to keep away from such negativities and stay focused to your preparation.

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