Privacy Policy

Introduction are dedicated to provide the word about the defense or protection of personal information of the users or user and personalize related statistics. Here we have listed below the important criteria’s for the same. You have to agree with the terms and conditions before entering into our website. Our website collect data from different resources and therefore we can’t take full guarantee of its accuracy. Hence, we’ll give our best to provide genuine information. We aren’t those who take care of the exam and all the process of admission. We are here to provide information about different entrance exam of government jobs which is held across the country.

Information Collection

  • We will always collect some information of logged on users i.e. IP Address, location, profile information.
  • In the case of registering on our website by visitors, we want to collect some mandatory data such as Name, Age, Gender, Contact part and e-mail address.
  • About any deviation in the privacy policy, or any newly entered information which is added to the policy. We always send notification or SMS on email id or mobile phone. The user may choose “not to send me the notification” or “not to send me the SMS” by changing the notification setting on his e-mail account.

Cookies and tracking technologies used:

  • To accomplish the session on our website and to recognize the user’s account data and any other activities we are using cookies and tracking technologies.
  • For your kind information, these cookies are in the small text file. Cookies/tracking equipment allows protecting the personal information like your name, your account but not your password, your feedback, your data what you have given to our website and your IP address.
  • We just momentarily hold the details of your activities on our website for session management. We don’t even have the cookies to save your password nor provide any information to the third party.

Use of information:

  • Our goal is to provide the fulfillment, dependability, and facilities to you as a successcareer reader. If something is needed, we may use the info collected by us like your account details, IP address, e-mail, your queries, and other login activities on our website to smoothing you only.
  • From our side too we are suggesting out visitors to never copy or republish our contents to any of the websites for personal and commercial use with acquiring permission from the authorities. If we find any such data violation, then we’ll definitely take legal action towards his/her.

Update your Information:

  • We offer you the full rights and device to access and change or update your account, password, personal particulars, and information anytime and from anywhere.
  • No one can able to change your personal information. It can only be modified by you.
  • We will keep retain your personal data and remove it from the view if you want to delete your account.


  • On our website advertise may be delivered to the users by or advertising associates. Cookies may be fixed by the advertisement partners to identify your account when they send you to promote.
  • The cookies which are set by the advertising associates will allow the server to diagnose the personal and browser information surrender by you to identify the click on information, the computer uses for the particular area of interest.

Age Restriction: According to Federal Law’s Children privacy policy, our site is access to the users who are above 13 years old.

Contact Information: We always welcome your suggestion and question anytime regarding our services provided to you and privacy policy. You feel free to e-mail us any time