Tips to Crack NDA SSB Interview

tips to crack nda

SSB is a test of your personality or let’s say how you portray yourself in those 5 days of the examination period. It tests your inner self that is who you really are and how well are your determinations, positivity of your thoughts and the self belief present within you.

You cannot fake it (yourself) as they have got a 5- day long procedure specially designed by the DRDO to select the future of Indian defence. Even if they get a hint of falsehood, they will take no time to reject you.

Thus HONESTY . This is an integral factor for being recommended in SSB.

Coming to the question of nda ssb interview tips:

  1.  Study current affairs regularly and your own thoughts about that very topic, the pros and cons and the positive conclusion to take yourself into a confident zone, as we know Knowledge is supreme . Introspect yourself that who you are, how you can be more good and how will you portray yourself.
  2.  Practice, learn from your past mistakes and practice again,  WATs, SRTs, TATs etc. The more you practice, the more you become good and thus your qualification probability becomes stronger.
  3.  Give up the negativity within yourself. Always be positive and try to give honest answers because the board will try and play with your mind, but have to overcome their questionnaire with your absolute answers.

How To Crack NDA SSB Interview?

It has just been a few weeks since the last NDA exam. But this was plentiful of time if you were and are preparing for the upcoming NDA SSB. NDA aspirants who have qualified their written paper have already begun their SSB preparations. As time and tide wait for none, hence, start your preparations as early as possible, the better it will be for you to tackle the situations and interpret the situation faced in the SSB.

I have come across people who work hard to prepare for the interview and not get selected and recommended, and then there are people, who don’t even prepare and have their names on the merit list. The truth is that, the preparations required depend on you, your abilities that are previously mentioned. Thus, some of you may not need preparation, others may. So each individual is different from the other. Comparing oneself with your competitors is just useless and can become one of the reasons for you not qualifying this exam.

Here is the NDA SSB preparation strategy for the beginners:

The schedule or the timetable that I will mention below will definitely help you improve your ability to tackle the interview and the questionnaire among you and the board members. The real preparation will however  be done by you and your interest and your ability to focus day in and day out. Ask your family members to support you and not to disturb until the interview.

Begin your daily exercise for your fitness and stamina building. You’ll need a lot of stamina, endurance, durability and strength for the long duration of tests in NDA SSB. Also, the Ground Tasks require a handsome amount of fitness level. Exercise regularly, eat well and eat good. Take a balanced diet.

Start reading newspapers, magazines and GK to keep you updated on current affairs. Read as much as you can. I suggest you go through the various competitive magazines specific to the nda ssb exam.

Keep visiting my website to keep yourself updated on the latest advancements in NDA and other competitive examinations around the nation.

Discover yourself and the weakness you possess

Well,  you need to know more about the selection procedure. One day, one whole day should be devoted to the SSB  conduction and execution procedure and planning the rest of the day. Read everything that you can to understand what all is there in each test. What is the pattern, what questions may be asked? Such types of must arise in your mind while going through the above mentioned process.

Introspect yourself

Know about yourself in a better way than others. Write down everything you know about yourself and the people associated with you. This includes your positivity, negativity, achievements. Your hobbies, goals, interests and all information related to that. Ask about yourself from your family, friends, and teachers. Get all the information related to the ones associated with you and all your achievements and participations.

Based on the above research, write your self-description as required  in Self-Description test.

Begin the original Preparation for SSB

Now  having practiced all such activities mentioned above I can presume that you have better knowledge about yourself than anyone else, it is  now the time to gear up for SSB. Start with practicing WATs, TATs, and SRTs. Set a stopwatch and try to reduce the time in each successive attempt while making a sensible and may happen type of story out of it. Every test in NDA is time-bounded, and that is the best way of creating pressure on the cadets. You need to think fast and within a moment come to a conclusion. Practice each task daily.

Debate practicing

Start practicing debates and GDs, this will not only help in this specific task but in every task that needs public speaking. Read a national daily loudly everyday . Listen to debates such as the famous THE BIG PICTURE  on RSTV instead of watching shows and movies.

Enhance your knowledge on the Indian Armed Forces

Enhance your knowledge about the Indian army, navy and air force, which ever you are interested to join. Try to gain all the necessary information about that service. The hierarchy of the officers, their designation, working procedure, and such important things.

You should have all the information about the recent happenings in the armed forces and must have your views on it.

Thus, the above strategy is very very important, for someone who wants to gain more success with less time in hand.

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